From Nagative to Positive

From Nagative to Positive

One of the things making Covid 19 difficult is the isolation. Isolation causes many of us to allow feelings of loneliness to dominate our reality. Feeling lonely often turns into depression, and a downward spiral begins. To try and ignore it would only cause it to linger. If we wallow in it, depression grows roots and deepens its hold.

Here are a few suggestions to turn our negative into a positive:

  1. We can acknowledge to God our feelings and ask Him to reveal the lie we believe. Most generally, we accept a feeling of hopelessness (is this virus ever going to end.) Then ask how to avoid falling into the same snare the enemy sets the next time.
  2. We can contact a friend, relative, husband, or wife and tell them something we appreciate about them. Be intentional about “making-their-day” with kind words.
  3. With the same purpose in mind, we can write a note, send a letter, or a card of encouragement.
  4. Write our thoughts on how God has blessed us during this year of pandemic.
  5. Install one of the apps for a video chat with three or four of our friends. Pray together, share at least one good thing the virus has accomplished.
  6. Start a hobby or project we’ve always wished we had time for.
  7. Going for a walk every day refreshes the spirit.


The list goes on with ways we can avoid isolation and loneliness.

 Share your ideas and things you do to lighten the days. After all, we are just passing through this life to an eternal one, are we not?

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