Where’s the Joy?

Where’s the Joy?

When I look back over my life, I discovered something. I discovered. I knew a lot about God, but the inner joy was missing. There were things that made me happy, but the deep abiding joy was not present.

Thinking back to where my joy became complete I was able to pinpoint when it all came together and I was free. Joy is not fickle; it doesn’t come and go according to my circumstance. Joy is a state of being, and the state of being joyful is a result of knowing forgiveness.

Even the knowledge of forgiveness was not complete until I was willing to accept forgiveness. The hardest part of the process was to forgive me. The first part was to accept that God forgave me; the second part was to let go of sabotaging myself. I felt I didn’t deserve forgiveness so I believed the lies the devil was feeding me about me.

Freedom is joy and forgiveness is freedom. Without God, we have neither joy nor forgiveness. He was patient with me until I was finally ready to hear the words of freedom. You, my child, are forgiven.

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