Where to Find Rest?

Where to Find Rest?

Are we looking for solace inside this world? Are we expecting justice and fair play from its institutions and governing bodies? Scripture is straight forward in informing us not to look to the world for these things. We should expect quite the opposite.

No matter how much we want things to be different before Christ returns, we’ll find the world engulfed in chaos with an attitude of rebellion, hatred, and destruction toward anyone getting in the way.

Jesus calls us to a higher place. As Peter walked on the stormy waves of the sea, we are to live in God’s presence of peace and rest where circumstances are not a controlling factor. An old hymn says, “there is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God.”

Let us rise in the morning, submitting our hearts and way into the hands of the Almighty. Allow Him entrance into the sanctuary of our mind and focus our thoughts on Jesus. It is there, in the Most Holy Place, that we find rest.

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