The Artist

The Artist

When we are born, we start with a blank canvas. Brushes and paint are supplied to begin the picture of our life. As a newborn, it is our parents or guardians who apply the first brush strokes across the blank canvas. We now have a glimpse into our future.

As time goes on, the canvas takes on the colors, blotches, and mistakes from the hands in charge. We have no control over what is applied or if there is a vision or chaos happening.

As we grow older, we start implementing our ideas and wants to the already messy and cluttered canvas. If we were fortunate to have God-fearing parents, the evolving picture might not have much damage.

At some point, God makes an entrance to be accepted or denied by you and me. If accepted, a wonderful thing begins to take place. Jesus washes the canvas with His blood making it white as snow.

It is Jesus who then takes the paint and brushes a masterpiece for the world to behold. No longer are we afraid, or in captivity, or depressed by the past, for we are in the hands of the gentle creator.

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