Nazareth was a most unlikely place for the One most likely to succeed. A town populated by ruffians and the UN-kept of society. Dusty roads and dusty feet tread their way to more acceptable locals while the remnant eked out a meager living.

Jesus stood out from the Callas and uncouth. He didn’t fit in with His designated surroundings. He was a soft and gentle soul who rescued fallen birds and spoke kindly to the drunkard. The only rough part of Him was the calluses on his hands from assisting His father in their carpenter shop.

Avoiding the crowd, Jesus gained His education from His creation and in communion with His heavenly Father. No one paid much attention to what they considered the illegitimate son Mary brought to town. He learned early the sting of cruel words but kept His mind on the future eternal weight of glory.

We to can live apart from the clamor demanding our attention. We can commune with a holy and upright Father who offers us a place at His table. Yes, the unknowing on-looker may not understand and ridicule, but we take solace in the promise of the glory to come.

Let us rest.

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