Hark the Angels Sing

Hark the Angels Sing

We all seem very involved at Christmas time. Making lists for children, grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles, and friends is part of how we prepare for the awaited day to arrive. There are the decorations for the tree and lights to string around the roof. Preparing special holiday foods for all our invited friends and relatives has been a part of our essential things to consider. Not this year.

Even though disease is in the air and restrictions apply, we still plan as best we can. For some, the birth of Christ must be honored and not forgotten, so we make adjustments. Everyone knows when Christmas is near. We might miss the birthday of someone else, but we don’t forget Christmas.

Am I as concerned about Christ’s second coming as I am to commemorate His first coming? Should I not be singing, hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the COMING King instead of the newborn King? Am I as interested in preparing for His second arrival as I am interested in making things ready to celebrate His birth?

If I approach the second coming of Jesus with the same commitment as I have toward Christmas, would I make a difference? Would my family and friends note the difference? I’m quite sure there are some adjustments I need to make.

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