Warriors Rise

Warriors Rise

Oh, how the almighty weeps for His one fallen child.

How the universe weeps while their sister lay in the throes of death.

Perfect at birth your wastelands exhibit the aftermath of a terrible lie.


Your desire to be Lord and King has left you with only husks to eat

And the stench of rotted fruit permeates the humid air.

You have surrendered yourself to utter darkness on a moonless night.


The few who have hidden themselves in the cleft of the Rock

Emerge with lighted lamps to puncture the night with a new voice,

Rouse your sleeping eyes from slumber and rise from earthen graves.


Arm yourselves who hold the torch of insurgence to pierce the evil night.

Hold fast you warriors; make your ramparts sure for the hour has come.

The curtains of heaven are parting to reveal the glorious face of our salvation.

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