What’s the Plan?

What’s the Plan?

Everything around us appears to be teetering on the brink of disaster. We feel the desperation of a falling world, rotating out of control. Are we as helpless as we think we are? We tend to respond with a violent thrust forward into action. 

Do you wonder if God is a spectator, or does He have a plan? From what I read in Scripture, He has always had a plan. The children of Israel probably questioned God’s plan when enslaved in Egypt. Joseph surely had questions when his brothers sold him to a passing caravan.

At the time when there appears no solution to our monstrous problems, there’s a plan. After the storm comes the rainbow. We can begin to cope with an exercise like the following: 

  • I can’t cure a disease, but God can.
  • I can’t stop hate, but God can.
  • I can’t save my family, but God can.
  • I can’t handle the stress, but God can.
  • I can’t face this day, but God will do all these things for me.
  • can trust Him to do His job. 

Allow the burden bearer to carry our heavy load. Cast every care on Him, for He cares for us.

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