The Elephant and the Flea

The Elephant and the Flea

One day, a flea and elephant were traveling through a forest. It was dark and hard to see through the foliage for the flea. The flea asked if he might ride on the back of the elephant so he could see better. As the elephant with a flea on his back walked along, they came to a body of water. Since the water was swift and deep, the elephant decided to cross on the bridge. The bridge squeaked and swayed, which made the flea shiver. When reaching the other side, the flea quickly jumped down from the elephant and exclaimed. “Boy! we sure did make that bridge quake, didn’t we!”

Every talent I have, every material thing I possess, or wealth I accumulate comes from the Almighty hand of God. The path I take may be too dark for me to see, but in His loving care, God lifts me on His back to bring me to places of safety. It’s all God.

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