Missing Opportunities?

Missing Opportunities?

How observant are we of time and events throughout our day? Are we consciously living the moments given us, or are we missing opportunities? God gives us so many chances for spiritual growth.

He graciously arranges encounters with others so we can hear a word or concept we need for growth. Sometimes a Word comes to admonish or encourage. At other times we are asked to minister to someone who’s hurting or is wanting to be heard.

There’s a strong possibility I’m so engrossed in my feelings, wants, and needs, I miss my daily God encounter. Is a daily God encounter “a thing”? I think God doesn’t want a day to go by without His input.

Would good things happen if I were aware of God’s constant presence? What difference would it make if I consciously acknowledged He is beside me? How much am I missing by my lack of focus?

Lord, teach me to be aware You are my constant companion. Teach me to recognize You are working in, through, around, and for my benefit. Today I will practice your presence and watch for the labor of your hands.

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