The Survivor’s Guide to Covid19 #5

The Survivor’s Guide to Covid19 #5

There is something special about the family unit that God designed for our benefit. Perhaps this time of separation from others allows us to get to know our families more intimately. After all, He does call us His family, His children, and He as our Heavenly Father.

We live in a world with a severe case of vertigo. Nothing remains in the place it once was. What used to be is no longer, what was up is now down, and everything we counted on for stability has vanished to a new location. There is no point of reference in this world.

God stands right beside us saying “HELLO” I’m right here. There is no variableness with God who remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. No guesswork here, He is our fortress and strength for tomorrow’s events no matter what may come.

The family demonstrates in a physical, emotional, and spiritual way God’s care for us. Nurture your family as Christ nurtures us. Include Him in all your activities and reap its reward. Solidify your family and Jesus into one unmovable unit making Jesus your point of reference.

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