The Survivor’s Guide to Covid19 #4

The Survivor’s Guide to Covid19 #4

It’s interesting to note that through biblical history, God’s mercy has granted humanity a period of time for preparing. You say, “Preparing for what?” That’s just the problem when a warning comes, few, if any, recognize the pause worth acknowledging. How often have you experienced a calm before the storm when everything gets eerily quiet. The birds stop there singing and head for their nest because nature provides us with enough time to prepare.

Noah preached for 120 years that a flood was coming. It had never rained before so they felt no urgency, and Noah became the laughing stock of his generation. Because nobody believed Noah’s prediction, they went about their usual routines. When the animals came marching through the open door of the ark in pairs of two, they were not alarmed. Then the door was shut, and it began to rain.

Because of God’s never-failing love, He warns us through nature, disease, famine, and current events, that something of significance may be about to take place. He generously gives us time to reflect, prepare our hearts, minds, and spiritual condition for what could be around the corner.

We have been talking about what benefits Covid19 could hold for us. Since we can’t perceive the future and God can accept this time as a time of preparation that God will honor no matter what happens.

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