Reflecting on the situation we find ourselves presents a way to put our time of plenty to good use. How often do we have opportunities to review where we’ve been and where we are going? Not too many I would guess; until Covid19 arrived. What an unexpected blessing if we’re looking for positive benefits.

When we face the mirror we see a reflection of ourselves. When we speak we hear a reflection of ourselves. What we do demonstrates who we are to everyone around us.

Looking in the mirror for most is not so satisfying. When Jesus sees us however, He doesn’t recount the bad but takes joy in whom He sees as His child. The children He created for communing back and forth in conversations with each other. He envisions the perfect you. His involvement in our lives is to bring us together again as it was in the Garden of Eden.

You and I may not care for the reflection of who we are, but Jesus’ wish is to wipe away any ugly scars marring His beautiful child. Now, that’s a God I want to know better.

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