The Survivors Guide to Covid19

The Survivors Guide to Covid19

  1. Acceptance

Change is difficult for many people and we have been moved out (way out) of our comfort zone with Covid19. Humanity was created for communion. On-on-one or in gatherings of family, friends, or co-workers, we were programmed to talk, touch, and listen to each other in conversation. The simple nearness of like-minded people gives us comfort and joy. The encouragement and accountability provided by others spur us forward.

We have been forced into a situation beyond our control. That in itself produces anxiety. But the first step in coping is to accept it as something of value. Struggling to change anything you cannot change is futile and an unnecessary drain emotionally.

So, God has a plan. You or I may not know that plan, but to rest in knowing He has it in control will alleviate the stress.

Let’s talk tomorrow about some possibilities and or purposes for this virus.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the meaning of the virus just message me, Ruth Kriner, on Facebook.

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