Look at Us

Look at Us

Here we are, the recipients of our imagined “American Dream.” What went wrong? Where did we lose sight of where we were?

Our aspirations drove us to the height of the world’s admiration. People came in droves to experience “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” We conquered our foes, achieved technological greatness, and stood on the pinnacle as the greatest nation in modern history.

Those achievements were realized under times of war and duress. Our people worked hard to save each other and what they believed in; freedom for all. We weren’t perfect, as none of us are, but we wanted to make life better, and we did. Until we got rich. Things got better until we gorged on our success to the point of arrogance and self-absorption. We stepped away from others to forge our own path, “doing it my way.” We became me.

History has repeated this same pattern over and over again. Our loss of humility and dependence on God breaks down the structure on which we should stand firm. Where is our foundation now? The foundation crumbles beneath our feet. Chaos and anarchy take the place of peace.

A new war is being fought. A war to save our country is the war Jesus fights. He fights to save our country, to save our people. That may not be possible, but we need to proclaim to as many individuals as we can the good news that Jesus Saves. The rich and poor, the big and small need to know God is good. Every yellow rose, white rose, black rose, and the multitude of colors in between are all His, and He is coming for you!

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