Revelations of the Tongue

Revelations of the Tongue

The instrument we communicate with is our tongue. What a powerful instrument it is! Such a small organ of the body the tongue, but the strongest muscle we possess. It aids us in chewing and swallowing and tasting our mother’s apple pie. Yum!

Our tongue can ignite a blaze of scorching words that can never be recovered. it also expresses our love with words to journal for revisiting in the future.

How do I control this fleshy organ that acts as an appendage on the loose? It busies itself spilling out what the heart has stored for dispensing at the chosen time, or reiterates the latest gossip. I do wonder what we would say if our words were spoken to us the same way we delivered them to someone else.

God used His words to create the universe in its entirety. His words were meant to bring joy to every person observing that creation displayed everywhere we look

Here’s a thought you may never have considered. Did you know the tongue is never neutral? It’s either for or against. Since the mind is the one conveying the message, the mind proceeds to signal the tongue what words to say. This means the mind is never neutral.

When the Lord admonishes us to be careful about how we make use of our speech, it entails far more than letting fly any words that come to mind. Be careful little tongue what you say.

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