Just a Seed

Just a Seed

As you know, I love seeing God’s handy work in nature. The delicate blooms in the flower beds and leafy spouts in the garden catch our attention on summer days.

Have you planted your garden from seeds? There is an extraordinary truth God teaches us about the tiny seeds we plant.

We take one small seed and dig a hole in the soil, drop the seed in the hole, and bury it beneath the dirt. After that, we water the ground where the seed lay, feed it, nurture it, until one day the soil breaks open and a green sprout pokes its head out of the dark dirt grave. The seed is no longer a seed, is it? It has become a living plant that produces a harvest.

Jesus takes a person that appears to be dead spiritually and buries the old man if sin in the depths of the sea. He then waters and feeds him with tender care until he comes forth a different individual altogether. The seed that was planted now produces a great harvest.

This miraculous process we call, being born again.

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