Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

Have you ever wished you could hit a reset button? If for every time you messed up you could escape the consequences by hitting a reset button might be nice. But with no consequences how can we grow, or learn? God takes our mistakes and renews rebuilds and redirects.

There is the answer. Redirecting your way is God’s way of hitting the reset button.

I was looking over the messages God had given me in the clouds several years ago. He spoke of a great spiritual shaking to take place. A time of separation is coming. A time when we cannot depend on a church, creed, denomination, person, or even our families. Our total dependence must be on God and Him alone because we have no ability to navigate unexpected future events. Only God knows what’s coming next and the best course to take.

We cannot know which way is the right way when we resort to following our instinct. I know in my life my instinctual choices led me astray many times. And I experienced the consequences. Consequences with which He instructed me where I moved off the track and where He then redirected me back on course.

Following the leader makes the reset button unnecessary.

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