Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

As Eve stared at the forbidden fruit before her, she had a decision to make. Would she or would she not eat the fruit? Did her taste buds get the best of her? Was the serpent just too cunning to resist? God said, “This fruit, on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is the only thing I am asking you not to touch or eat. I have given you the freedom to choose whether you will trust me on this restriction or not to trust.”

God wanted Eve to believe that He knew the best and most loving thing for both her and Adam. Satan then inserted a thought into Eve’s mind that was more appealing than the fruit. “If you eat, then you will become like God.” The appetite for power was far more substantial than to have a piece of fruit.

The sin that began in a perfect creation has very little to do with fruit, but everything to do with Adam and Eve’s view of God. You see, Eve had to decide if she believed God, or to entertain doubt. The devil suggested that she would gain a godlike status knowing good and evil. God said, “don’t do it, because if you do, it will cost you more dearly than you now know or understand.”

We live with the results of that decision every day. We get caught up in all kinds of choices that bring worry and despair. What is more baffling is that we keep making that same decision again and again. We choose to enter into forbidden relationships on the promise of better things. We bind ourselves to someone, a place, possessions, or vice than choosing to trust. If for any reason, Jesus reveals to you that you’re harbor doubt that keeps you from trusting Him, do what Isaiah says.

Isaiah 30:15
“in repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength.”

Believe that God wants, and will do, the very thing that gives you the greatest happiness, and the freedom you long for. Trusting God’s love is the greatest gift to give yourself. When we repent, we find rest from guilt and shame, and in quiet trust, we receive His strength. His strength trumps our capabilities any day. Choose trusting Jesus, and experience rest.

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