What Thunderstorms Say

What Thunderstorms Say

My usual posting time for my blog is Friday but because of the pandemic and my vertigo, I have slipped to an occasional Saturday posting. Stay with me, I’ll be back to Fridays soon.

I was struggling with what subject to write about in my blog last night and again this morning, so after a quiet and unproductive time, I put my laptop down and went to take a shower.

Earlier this morning we experienced a rare thunderstorm that has lasted now for a couple of hours. Most of our thunderstorms come and go quickly. I went outside to sit, listen, and watch until it came close enough for me to retreat indoors. My daughter shared with me how thunder and lightning made her feel when a child and I carried those thoughts into the shower.

The Lord invited me to look at this type of storm from a spiritual perspective. He then brought me back to the days of Moses.

When God spoke to the children of Israel from Mount Sinai, the lightning flashed and the thunder roared. They were terrified to the point of begging Moses to ask God never to speak to them in that manner again.

A whole new understanding began developing in my mind. As are many things in life we pass over, the thunderstorm has been one of them. The storm reveals the wonderful story of the gospel.

When Jesus speaks into the heart of a seeking soul, it hits him like a bolt of lightning, piercing his heart with light and splitting his inner being to the core. The needs of the soul are laid bare in the light of a new beginning. Angels along with the universe respond to this saving revelation with a clap and a roar as it echoes and rumbles over mountain peaks and valley floors.

What follows is the marvelous outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s rain upon a thirsty soul. This holy rain washes clean piles of this earth’s dustiness, sin, and corruption. Oh, but He is not finished yet. Our creator then paints across the sky a rainbow as a reminder of His love and watch-care over us.

His banner over us is love!

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