How do We See God?

How do We See God?

Do you know what amazes me most about myself? It’s how earthy I am. My thought patterns are still stuck in how the world has taught me to think.

There is a difference you know, between how the world system thinks and how God thinks. In fact, there are few similarities between the two. Most are complete opposites. Here are two examples:

God                                                             Satan

  1. Love is selfless and seeks to give        1.  Love seeks to satisfy your own no return required.                    personal desires with expectations.

2. Money is a means of helping                  2. Money is for personal gain.

You can see that God is all about living for others; Satan is about serving self. Jesus promised to give us everything we need, but we want more than what we need, we want what we want. We say, “if God is good then everything we do, say, or expect, should come to us as good.” We demand God to give us what we want. If not, we blame Him when things turn out different than desired. We forget that every decision made comes with consequences, good or bad.

If you own a revolver and place five bullets in a six bullet chamber and play Russian roulette five times, what do you expect? In other words, some things are a consequence of our behavior. If I smoke cigarettes knowing they cause cancer then contract the disease, and blame God for giving them cancer, then that is the world’s way of thinking. God is required to override all my bad decisions.

We never learn more than when we have to face the consequences of our actions. What we learn is God will always forgive the repentant, and gives strength to go through the results, but doesn’t remove the consequences.

Misunderstood expectations about God cause many believers to falter. God is good all the time, but let’s not confuse goodness with permissiveness.

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