How should I Respond?

How should I Respond?

How should I respond to the coronavirus-19?

After observing the coronavirus these weeks that it has been inflicting itself on humanity, I see a shaking taking place. On the one hand, it has inspired many people to open their hearts, imaginations, pocketbooks, and prayerful thoughts for the good of hurting people.

On the other hand, I see an escalation of thefts, hateful acts, disregard of authority, and chaotic behavior. The divide is widening between the sensitive and the callused.

If you have read about the messages God gave me in the clouds it has made me aware of current events as they relate to God’s predictions. The second message pertained to the polka-dot formation of the clouds. None of the polka-dotted formations attached itself to another. They stood separated or in isolation from each other. Do you see that as a fulfillment of the harbinger? We cannot cling for support from another individual, church, denomination or creed. The only one to which we must cling is Christ. There is no other.

This world offers no support. You can’t depend on money, people, power, education or anything else we have relied upon for security. Think about it, it can all disappear in a moment, leaving you with no foundation on which to stand.

Jesus never has a bad day, He is always there and will never leave you.

Take this time to reflect, to restore your relationship with your creator, and rest in His care.

From the Clouds – 2

A significant thing happened early one morning when I stopped to look out the window. As some of you know, I house-sit for a couple who travels a lot; mostly on business, occasionally for pleasure.

This particular morning I observed the oddity of the cloud formation. It wasn’t a single cloud formation, but the formation of a massive amount of tiny little clouds like polka dots.  They were not uniformly round, but none-the-less; they covered the sky from east to west. What made this so intriguing was the lack of connection between the polka dots  So it didn’t “kind of” look like polka dots, it literally looked like polka dots.

At that point, I said to myself, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before.”  So my question to God was, “What does this mean?”

The answer came without hesitation.

“There is a great shaking coming where no one can depend on another person, denomination, group, creed, or anything else that man clings to for support, other than Jesus Christ and Him alone.”

Those made me pause and evaluate where I am concerning Him.  Am I connected to my Lord with ties strong enough to hold me if I’m standing alone?  In unity with Jesus, the body of believers holds together by the Holy Spirit.  But when the church scatters, once again, will I be able to stand for Jesus, based on the evidence of the knowledge of my relationship with Him?  Will I be able to stand for Jesus, without the support network of fellow believers?  Is my friendship with Him strong enough to endure that isolation?   If everything I see and hear contradicts what I know of my God, can I still stand?

It was at this point that I realized that this was not just a friendly game of Guess-What’s-in-the-Clouds. This was a serious warning, and I needed to pay attention.

Written 7/03/2015

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