A constant Bulwark

A constant Bulwark

Our world is changing, our routines have changed, our perspectives have changed, our priorities have changed, and our future is not in our hands. What was once important is being re-evaluated.

The one thing that remains the same is the Lord. The only constant and bulwark of our existence is Jesus Christ and Him alone. If your safe place is any other than the Almighty Creator, you have nothing to lean upon other than the fluctuating wind.

Jesus reminded me of a very well known Bible verse the other day, and I wanted to share it with you in my paraphrased form. This is how I hear Him speaking to me;

John 14:1-4

I don’t want you troubled, worry, or stressed over what’s happening in the world around you. Trust My Father and trust Me, because We have a plan. Did you think We would leave you here with no one to protect you? Not a chance! We are your constant companions.

Here is an update on what’s happening now. We’re wrapping up construction on the many places being customized for our children’s enjoyment because We want us to live together far from this world’s sin and corruption. If We were not excited about your being with Us I would have told you. I left long enough to get things ready for your arrival and My return. So, stay focused and reliant on Me, for I am the Way who leads you home.”

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