There’s an Army With You

There’s an Army With You

At the loss of their son, their mother, brother, beloved nephew, and experiencing a long, painful illness that doctors cannot identify, my friend’s question remains: “Why? How can we make sense of this, how much more can we endure?”

This entire family has experienced one trauma after another. Death and illness are only highlights. I would complicate it to go through all the details of suffering and tragedy. Suffice to say, it’s more than many could withstand.

In answer to their question, I can only recall what Jesus would often say,  “It may not be possible for you to understand why, so I ask you to trust me.”

“Trust me to be there to carry you, to hold you, to walk you through the most painful days of your life. When you cannot see Me or hear Me, know that I have not forsaken you. Not even for a moment.”

2 Kings 6: 16-17 The army of God with us is far superior to the forces of Satan.

The enemy tries to separate you from the source of strength through these disasters. Trust that you are the apple of Jesus’ eye and that no matter how dark the circumstance, the Father of your creation is with you, now and forever.

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