Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears

There are sounds in music that decidedly generate strong responses in everyone. People say that music is the universal communicator, something everyone understands regardless of color, language, or heritage. Preferences will vary, but the effect remains.

Most of us listen to or choose sounds for the occasion. Since the high-pitched sound of the violin soothes, we often hear this instrument (rather than drums or cymbals) playing in an art museum, or at a funeral. We currently use harps in hospitals and for hospice patients. A marching band incites pride in country and sports teams and draws an elevated excitement in parades.

There is a science behind what music to play in grocery stores and clothing stores. The science of musical tones, when used correctly, draws people in and motivates customers to buy. Whether we are aware of it, the surrounding sounds continually influence our behavior.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that the devil also uses music to his advantage? Some sounds agitate; some arouse; some incite rebellion. There are hypnotic discordant notes that, when repeated louder and louder, can cause riots, violence, and raucous behavior. These kinds of sounds draw us away from a peaceful, loving God.

City sounds of traffic, horns blowing, and exchanged obscenities; keep us from hearing the music of the wind. They keep us from hearing the orchestrated rhythms of the birds and waterfall. They keep us from hearing the power of the crashing waves as they mount the rocks and gently caress the shore.

One source of sound the enemy designed to keep us from hearing the voice of God; the other source invites us into His presence.

So come into the garden of God: turn down the volume in your life and go for a walk. Allow yourself the renewing exposure of listening to the heart of God. He is speaking to you through the melodic beat of nature.

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