It is Finished!

It is Finished!

As Jesus cried out with resolute completion, “It is finished!” the earth trembled and quaked. The sun hid its face from the terrible sight, the birds of the air held their breath in silence,
and God ripped the temple curtain to the most holy place wide open.

As the sun raised its head on Sunday morning, so the Son of God raised His head from the grave. The birds found their voice and sang the anthem of victory. Light poured out from that grave to a perishing world. No longer bound to the ties of death, we proclaim a risen Savior! Now that the curtain to the most holy place has been torn open, you and I may enter the throne room of grace without a mediator, save the Son, Himself.

Christ paid the price in full. The cost was more significant than we know, but we are free. Live! Live in that most glorious truth: YOU ARE FREE!!!

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