Supernatural Powers

Supernatural Powers

Do you have supernatural powers? If not, why not?

 I’ve thought about, read about, and prayed about God showing His miraculous power today, here in America, as He did in days of old.

 What would make the difference? What is Christ expecting or looking and waiting for before He acts?

 Something quite profound took place in my thinking today as I mused over this troublesome dilemma. The question of what He (Jesus) is looking for came through loud and clear. He wants us to stop expecting the power of miracles to come from some place other than the man or woman in the mirror. Don’t take that statement wrong. I’m not saying I possess wonder-working powers on my own, but I am saying the Lord of our life is waiting for you and me to understand He wants to work supernaturally through us.

 When I consider the people written about in Scripture, they all held one thing in common with each other. God performed miracles through or for them. 

 With no engineering degree, Noah built a boat to house every species of animal. He followed only the instructions God gave him. The animals came to Noah as God directed them in perfect order, two by two.

Sarah birthed the son God promised, but He waited well past the years for her to produce a child. There are Gideon and Samuel, Joseph and Elisha to consider. Going through the Bible, story after story, it shouts at us to stop long enough to realize supernatural events happen when we take God at His word and are obedient to that word.

 When Jesus was about to return to His throne in Heaven, He commissioned His disciples to take up the work He had been doing, promising them that they would do even greater works. They went out without worrying about whether what Jesus promised would happen. They knew it would.

 John 14:12-14 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

 12 Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do;

 Maybe the problem is we expect supernatural events to occur by some other means than me or you. If it’s all up to someone else, then we hold no responsibility if our prayers don’t come to fruition. 

 What impressed me the most was the conviction that Jesus Christ expects His miracle-working powers displayed in and through the members of His Kingdom.

 Let us pray concerning our lack of confidence.

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