The Renewal of All Things

The Renewal of All Things

As Jesus walked in fields of golden grain, what did He see that I cannot see among the tassels of ripened wheat?
Did He observe winter blasting icy frost upon tiny roots holding steadfast for life?
Did He notice the sun’s unceasing rays penetrating the kernel’s depths?
Does the stalk of wheat have an enemy bent on its destruction?

Does nature, along with human-kind, struggle against the forces of evil?
In heaven, will God release nature to sing freedom’s song or shout alongside all beings reaching the threshold of the new Kingdom?

Then, will the giraffe wave his head in rhythm to anthems of praise?
And the penguin tap its toe to the bird’s whistle as angels sing for joy?

I wonder what Christ dreams for His children when contemplating tomorrow.
I long to experience those joys.
Do you suppose the creator Himself grows impatient for the renewal of all things?

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