The Faithful One

The Faithful One

There is a voice of one I hear calling. The sound of one who holds me ever so gently as a newborn babe freshly placed in its mother’s arms. The one calling says, “come close.” “come close little one, and drink from the springs of life; more life than ever imagined, more love than you can hold.” “The joy found there is the joy of freedom in the waving fields of silken being.”

You fill me up, oh Holy Spirit. Where once the Ravens pecked and gnawed at my existence, rain flows with the effervescence of peace and utter worth. The once lonely road now greets me with encounters of purpose and gifts of new beginnings. All these undefinable glories were purposed and arranged by you in advance of notice or thought.

Oh yes, there are strongholds of mountain steeps and iron bars, but as my heart draws nearer to you so does my trust for the totality of my being. I find the rocky paths smoothed and gates of resistance tossed aside for acceptance and belonging. There is no fear or wanting when I greet the morning with your presence and acquiesce to your everlasting faithfulness.

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