The Wow Factor

The Wow Factor

Everyone looks for a “Wow!” response after building or remodeling a home. As a guest enters your house and sees the changes, the hoped-for reaction is, “Wow! How stunning!” The underlying meaning of “wow!” is: “What I see is beyond expectations.”

Does God apply the “wow” factor to our world? He assuredly does.

As my daughter and I watched a spectacular sunset, we could only exclaim, “Wow, wow!” The sky highlighted by the brilliant setting sun or the sun itself casting radiant rays upon the early morning dew displays the Creator’s magnificent handiwork. From the giant Redwood to the Weeping Willow, or the fragrance of the Lilac tree, we observe Jesus. He places His stamp on every living thing.

Why did Jesus create such a variety of spectacular scenes for nature’s treasure chest? Two reasons: First, the elegance we see voices His everlasting love for His children and, second, to captivate our attention.

When Jesus presents Himself through nature, He seeks the “wow” so He can communicate with our open heart. He draws us away from the darkness of the world to a different sphere of life.

In the radiance of Jesus’ face lies the peace and tranquility where the Spirit dwells. In the realm of Jesus’ glory, creation lives in the presence of God.

When we were children, objects of nature awed us. Everything was new and experience of wonderment. Do we still smell the falling rain or the heap of fresh autumn leaves? Have we lost the thrill of spring’s first bloom or the whir of the Hummingbird’s wings? Can you imagine a world without them?

On May 18, 1980, when Mount Saint Helens erupted, I was in a place where ash fell fast and deep. I observed a world blanketed in grey; no green grass, no green tree, no flowering shrubs, no colorful flower was visible. The earth appeared as the landscape of the moon.

I realized I need a God who paints my life in Technicolor.

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