From the Clouds-5

From the Clouds-5

It was a warm afternoon, and I was sitting out on the bench that borders the deck facing the mountain. It’s not a large mountain, but it forms a grand centerpiece for the view to the north of the property. As you can tell, I am again house-sitting two dogs and one cat on 7 acres of peaceful loveliness.

I was swinging my legs as a contented child in the summer sun when I noticed a round portal in the white cloud before me. The message given was: “The window of opportunity is quickly closing.”

I laughed and said to myself, “Okay, now you’re just making up things. A round portal, a window of opportunity? How obvious is that? Besides, how many windows are round, right?”

Well, I guess Jesus took issue with my doubting heart because I watched as the round window suddenly became a perfect square. A moment later, the ideal square formed into a perfect rectangle. And when I say perfect, I mean; not a single rounded corner! That was something I had never seen.

As I watched this moving picture, the open portal closed and morphed into the shape of a bell. The words I heard next startled me. I sat there motionless for a while. There was no swinging of my legs anymore. The unmistakable message differed from the rest in that this was the first time God had given me a command. A command to do something.

“Sound the alarm!”

I thought, How do I do that?

I realized that whenever given the opportunity, I can tell the story of the messages God has given me from the clouds. To some it is foolishness, but the times couldn’t be more serious or real. I know the one who shared His thoughts with me, and I am most humbled to think He condescended to share them with someone so unlike Himself. And now I tell them to you.

Please share these warnings with others. Now is the time to step out and stand for Jesus. He didn’t hesitate to give His “all” for us.

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