From the Clouds-2

From the Clouds-2

A Repeat From Four Years ago.


If my first blog on how the Lord speaks through the clouds didn’t cause you to turn and run, maybe you are up for a second encounter. The same God, different clouds.

A significant thing happened early one morning when I stopped to look out the window. As you know, I house-sit for a couple who often travels; mostly on business, occasionally for pleasure.

On this dawn, the pattern in the clouds awed me. It wasn’t a single cloud, but a massive number of tiny little puffs resembling polka dots.  They were not uniformly round but covered the sky from east to west with a blanket of dots. What made this formation intriguing was each polka dot stood solely and not connected to another. So it didn’t somewhat mimic polka dots but looked as though God had painted polka dots in the sky.

At that point, I said to myself, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a display as this before today.” So my question to God was, “What does this mean?” The answer came without hesitation.

But before I tell you what He shared, I’m asking you, the reader, to see if you can conjure up something that makes sense.

I have time. I’ll wait…….

Don’t rush…….

Just for fun, think what polka-dotted clouds might mean…

Jesus shared the answer with me:
“There is a great shaking coming where no one will depend on another person, church, group, or creed that man clings to for support.” Our only protection is Jesus Christ and Him only.

That caused me to pause and evaluate where I am in relation with Him. Am I connected to my Lord with ties deep enough to keep me if I’m standing alone? Together with Jesus, the body of believers support one another through trials and hardships. But if the church scatters again, will I hold on to Jesus, based on my relationship with Him? Will I be grounded enough to endure, without the support of fellow Christians? Is my friendship with Him strong enough to last through isolation? If everything I see and hear contradicts what I know of God, can I still stand?
I realized this was not just a friendly game of Guess-What’s-in-the-Clouds, this was a serious warning, and I needed to pay attention.

Until now, I viewed the cloud messages as warnings but wasn’t clear what to do with them. But I shared them with a study group who would not automatically think I was moving too close to the edge of insanity.

So there you have it. That’s the second message I have to share with you. May I encourage you to spend time in circumspection of what this means for you? Is it a shaking of a church, all churches, a single denomination, a worldwide shaking of Christianity, or something else? Individual polka-dots covered the sky. Ask Him to share with you what that means for you. Is the enemy trying to shake you loose from your moorings?

I have two more messages to share unless He reveals more. These are messages of warning and hope, not to frighten or discourage you, but to bolster your courage. God’s grace is sufficient for each day. His love will carry us through the worst of storms. Hang on!

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