Dispelling Despair

Dispelling Despair

You have observed it in others and experienced it in your own life, that over-sweeping wave of despair. Many times you see it developing, but on other occasions, it comes with no forewarning. Massive darkness presses you to the ground.

How does a believer in an all-mighty God withstand these hellish attacks? Does the Lord care?

Simply, am I at the mercy of an unmerciful foe on a relentless mission to consume me?

Sometimes David thought his world was at an end. Jeremiah, Joseph, Job, Ruth, Solomon, the apostles, the widow of Nain and Jesus Himself had reason to give in to discouragement. Their circumstances produced a questioning of God’s presence.

We recognize that God doesn’t oppose Himself, so, who is asking these questions?

It takes extreme effort to comb through your thoughts to identify the truth of who is speaking. And an even stronger struggle to carry out what you know as opposed to how you “feel.” We love our “feelings” and live and act out those sympathies everytime difficulties arise. We spend our time rehearsing the many impossibilities and little time on God’s abilities. So, when we see no progress in our prayers, we assume He is not listening, or we don’t qualify for an answer.

David used music and praise to overcome. Jeremiah recalled God’s mercies, Joseph relied on the dreams once given him, Job clung to the Holy One he knew, and Ruth submitted to God’s will. Solomon figured out life’s bottom-line is a loving heavenly Father and our response to Him. The apostles’ passion was Jesus, and no trial or persecution could remove that. The widow of Nain cast her sorrow on her only hope, without a request, and He responded with a miracle. Jesus felt forsaken but remembered the joy that lay beyond the suffering. Their eyes were focused on the heavenly prize.

Stand firm, dear friend for our redemption crests the horizon!


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