A letter to my subscribers

A letter to my subscribers

Dear subscriber,

I’m so excited you subscribed to this website that was designed for you; to be an encouragement and a place to grow closer to our Father. It is very important that we can talk together about what I can give you to meet your needs. What types of questions do you have, and on what subjects do you want information?

To be interactive with you, you have one more step to take. If you are wondering why you are not receiving the blogs as they are posted, you must confirm your subscription. As soon as you receive this email, I will also send you the notice to confirm your subscription. Please click on the confirmation of subscription to Blessing to you website.

I also wanted to give you the opportunity to take advantage of the sale price on my book Meet Me in The Garden. The sale is for 5 days, November 20- 24. You will find it at:  https://amzn.to/2Fw488V

Thank you so much!

Ruth Kriner

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