Healing Words

Healing Words

How many ways do we welcome the devil into our lives? Most of us say, “I’ve never invited Satan to dominate any part of my existence.” Do we send invitations to him and are oblivious of the fact?

Psalm 22:3 World English Bible (WEB) states:
3 “But you are holy,
you who inhabit the praises of Israel.”

David says the Lord inhabits our praises.

Definition of inhabit
1: to occupy as a place of settled residence or habitat:

Okay, let’s think on this. We now recognize when we speak of the goodness of God or make encouraging comments to others, we are offering Him praise, and that is where He loves to dwell. We have presented to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit authority over those words. Everywhere our praise-giving words travel, His power is present. So, how imperative is it we speak positive, life-giving words where light and life live?

Just as we give the Lord power over our positive language, we hand our enemy the authority when speaking negatively. When we complain, gossip, slander, become anxious, hate, or refuse to forgive, we give the devil command over our moods, our health, and fears.

We are as strong as who’s in control.
We are as brave as who’s in command.

Do you see how this works? Where are you? The choice is yours. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you have the qualifications for commanding authority because that may be the biggest deception out there. Apply the force of positive speaking to ward off the debilitating effects of negativity.


Proverbs 12:18 “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”


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