Old Dog, New Trick

Old Dog, New Trick

Folks say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I say, “Not so!” If anyone asked me years ago what I’d be doing today, I could never have imagined myself working with computers requiring technical savvy, but here I am, pedal to the metal, forging my way through the arena of the unknown.

Learning “new tricks” required a long and challenging commitment. After suggestions from friends years earlier and from God one morning, I listened to His voice. He inspired me to write a book. To tackle such an overzealous endeavor required lots of help.

Now, after long hours, bleary eyes six days a week, and thirteen months later, my new “trick” is available for everyone to read. This achievement belongs to my heavenly Father, who prodded me forward, and dear friends, who showed great courage by sticking with me on this slippery slope.


Is there a lesson in this story? Yes. “Never, say never!” Jesus doesn’t ask for our qualifications when He calls. Quite often the “unqualified” receive an invitation to serve in a capacity beyond their understanding. Consider Peter, James, and John, the fishermen, Elisha, the farmer, and David, the shepherd –not much to recommend them for the tasks they faced.

Jesus looks for vulnerable people who are available and teachable. Sometimes God even takes time to teach these qualities to those He chooses. He placed Moses in a desert herding sheep for forty years before leading Israel to the Promised Land. Joseph was a servant before becoming second in command of Egypt.

Your deficiencies should never stop you from responding when God calls because God specializes in changing inabilities into abilities.

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