Values, Opinions, and Expectations

Values, Opinions, and Expectations

Who can ever forget the first car they owned; that 4-wheeled wonder? I’ve purchased many cars in my lifetime, but the one that stands out the most was the first I ever bought, a gray ’49 Plymouth Coupe. The cost of this vehicular pride and joy was $80, broken into $20 installments until paid in full. However, it wasn’t long before I desired a classier car, something that brought me attention, that put me in the automotive limelight! The Plymouth just didn’t cut it, so it had to make way for a better, shinier model. Do I wish I had that Coupe now? You bet I do! The value of a ’49 Plymouth Coupe on today’s market far outstrips anything I could have possibly imagined then.

Sometimes we find ourselves conforming to other people’s values and expectations. I’ll admit I have allowed the opinions of others to affect and influence me far too often. I dress to match the acceptable style. What I buy, how I act, and what I say is carefully crafted to fit the norm, to be in sync with society.

Jesus never tried to conform to His community, and He doesn’t expect or even want, us to do that either. He doesn’t judge us by our alignment with the current opinion or the latest fad, but His eyes search out the deep and hidden recesses of our hearts—where the true “us” live. Our value was measured not in silver or gold, diamonds or dollars but in the perfect, sacrificed life of God on our behalf. Our worth in the Father’s eyes is far beyond what any man could comprehend. Someday in eternity, we will catch a clearer glimpse of the enormous price He paid to gather us into His family.

In the dusty, dirty streets of Kolkata (then Calcutta), India, Mother Teresa poured her life out for those that many in the world considered mere filth and stench. With her anointed spiritual eyes she beheld the diseased and forsaken as the royally elegant children of God.

Those humanity may judge as squalid and reeking with the stench of sin are viewed by God as having immeasurable value. He paid the ultimate price so that we could wear the spotless robe of Christ’s righteousness and the glorious crown of everlasting joy. You never have to consider yourself again as the world judges you! Instead, acknowledge how heaven sees you, and then watch how your perspective of yourself and others will change.

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