To Know God’s Will-Day Five

To Know God’s Will-Day Five

Every Christian at some time has asked the Father to know His will.

Here is what I have learned regarding this vital subject. To know God’s will is to live in His will which means a life devoted to Him. Living for the world part of the time and living for God the other half leaves you falling short of fulfillment and confused over who you owe allegiance. The world and God have nothing in common which leaves you stumbling about searching for direction.

When trying to understand what God wants, we often miss His greatest desire. The longing of His heart is for you to allow Him to love you. Reread the last sentence slowly. When you accept that love the relationship changes; it becomes personal. Your heart springs alive with a willingness to follow wherever He leads. And He will always direct you to an abundant life because Jesus never fails.

Here are six steps to knowing the will of God:

Step 1. Build a relationship by spending time with Him, reading the Bible, communicating with Him in prayer, and getting involved with other believers.

Step 2. Replacing your will with God’s will. Which means revealing and confessing you have done things contrary to His will. Wanting to know the will of God for your life shows a wish to change if needed.

Step 3. Obedience to what you know to be God’s will. We don’t get to pick what we want to obey and dismiss the hard stuff. Compliance is a result of Jesus’ love for you; it is not the means to gain His love.

Step 4. Accept Jesus loves you, regardless of the nature of your sin or the number of times you’ve repeated the offense. Unworthiness and guilt don’t come from God but from the devil’s lies to bring discouragement and defeat.

Step 5. Watch and listen for His direction. Focus on building your relationship with Jesus. Be active and purposeful so you won’t miss the open door or the voice saying here is the way walk in it.

Step 6. Examine your present circumstances to see if He is leading you in a way you had not considered. He likes to surprise.

7. Write down your options. Look at the positives and nagitives and see if one out weighs the other. Pray over the options and pick one. Move in that direction until doors open or close.

God’s blessing accompanies the heart that is open to receive His direction. May you be the recipient of that blessing today.

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