I Wish I’d Told You Sooner

I Wish I’d Told You Sooner

The sun began breaching the horizon and flooding the new day with light. As usual, she leashed the dogs, stuck her headphones on, and headed out the door for their early morning walk. The nearby train tracks were a favorite trekking place for her, as they were free from the noise of traffic and crowds of people. Being familiar with the locomotive’s usual schedule, she walked without worry. This day, however, engrossed in the music coming through the headphones, she missed the warning blare of the unexpected oncoming train. The screech of metal on metal as the brakes were applied again and again did not gain her attention in time to prevent the inevitable from happening.

This grim story is hard to read because we desperately want the train to stop in time to save the lives of this preoccupied woman and her dogs. Questions tumble through our minds. Didn’t the dogs hear the rushing rumble and try to run? Why didn’t she feel the earth trembling beneath her as the engine came barreling from behind? How could she not hear the repeated, piercing blast of the whistle? We must conclude that her focus was not in the right place—she was listening to the wrong sounds!

Are we so preoccupied, so distracted by the sights and sounds of the world, that we are unaware of the cataclysmic events coming upon us? If we saw a semi-truck hurtling toward a loved one, could we stay silent and unmoved? Would we not shout, wave our arms, and scream a warning


Jesus is giving us

sufficient indications to know that “life as usual” on earth is coming to an end. The ultimate event to take place is not destructive but glorious! It ushers in a time and place where terror, heartache, and fear no longer exist. Instead of quaking at the thought of horrible things to come, let us urge everyone we can to come to know the One who is preparing a heavenly home for us. A forever home where joy replaces sorrow!

Think today on the happy-ever-after ending coming and invite your friends and family to the banquet.


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