Can You Imagine?

Can You Imagine?

Can You Imagine..

 Hearts melt at the sight of you, oh Lord. The redeemed stand with outstretched arms gazing with wonder at this moment of victory.

What we thought was future, illuminates the sky with brilliance and unspeakable glory. The Son has risen from His throne to mount the steed that races through Orion’s opening. The heavens open wide to make way for the King as trees and fields of grain clap their hands. Every created being leans forward not to miss the cosmic sights and sounds that echo through the chambers of the universe. Every person stands transfixed in awe at the magnitude of the scene. Heaven is astir. Retinue after retinue of angels gathers the redeemed together with loved ones for flight through innumerable galaxies to New Jerusalem.

Father God awaits in celebratory anticipation the grand entrance of the redeemed of God. The wedding supper of the lamb has made itself ready. A banquet table holds cascading fruit from Eden’s garden that stretches for miles beyond what people on earth can see. There is a stone placed in front of each table setting with a chosen name. Everyone will at once recognize their new name. It depicts their journey through life on earth.

What a moment for the Father! The Son has responded to His direction, “today you return, the hour has come.” At last, the time to bring the children of His sacrifice home is here. No more regrets, heartache, pain or suffering. The peace that reigns for eternity has begun. 

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