The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love

May the all-encompassing power of God’s love be your teacher and guide.

What Jesus begins to teach you when you come to Him in any condition is:

How to stay close to Him at all times.
—For your protection against the wiles of the enemy.
Ask for His abiding presence in your life daily.…

How to see yourself as Jesus sees you.
— So you can know what exorbitant value and worth He has placed on you…

How to accept His forgiveness.
— So you can experience His abundant mercy and renewing love.  Forgiveness is free for the taking.

How to forgive yourself.
— Being able to forgive yourself gives you the ability to bask in the freedom of peaceful harmony with God. Jesus forgave you at the cross. Hanging on to quilt keeps you from a full and meaningful relationship with Him….

How to relinquish your grip on control.
— so you no longer are burdened with the weight and responsibility of conquering sin or choosing the direction you should go …

How to see Jesus for who He really is.
— So you will no longer accept the lies Satan tells you about Jesus. You are a member of His family, and He will never turn you away no matter what you have done or how long you have been on this path…

How to recognize His voice speaking to you.
— So you will follow the shepherd wherever He leads and not get lost by someone else’s voice calling you. While you are talking to Him ask Him to speak to you. He usually speaks through your mind. Don’t give up. You will learn to hear Him.

See all that Jesus does for you to bring you into a one on one relationship with Him. What a God! What a blessing!!


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