Relinquishing Circumstances

Relinquishing Circumstances

May you see blessed opportunities in every difficult circumstance.

Jesus never wants circumstances to be the criteria for governing your life. When faced with the dilemma of which way to turn, here are six “Bs” (blessings) for relieving you from taking on a load that wasn’t intended for you to carry.

1. Bring your situation before the throne of grace where no issue is too small or too great for God to handle.

2. Bow your will to His omnipotent will, knowing He will always choose the very best course for you to take.

3. Break from anything that stands between you and God. If it’s something that has a hold on you, acknowledge it before the Lord.

4. Believe the Father is for you and has your best interest at heart. Be confident that Jesus wants to take on your issue Himself; that your problem is His concern and not yours.

5. Beware of any detours and discouragements the enemy will surely throw at you.

6. Bless the Lord for whatever answer comes.

In relinquishing your circumstances into the hands of God, you will never have to doubt, for the course Jesus chooses for you will always bring an outcome in your favor. 


The blessed and best opportunity for you today, is to allow Jesus to do it all.


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