I Get To Decide

I Get To Decide

Today is a good day for a blessed day. It is in my hands to determine.

When we wake up in the morning how do we gauge whether the day is going to be a good day or a bad day? How often have I made the evaluation based on what’s going right for me or whether things just aren’t going my way? “Today is a terrible day because this went wrong and that went wrong. No matter what I try to do something happens to make it so I can’t accomplish anything.”

What a difference it would make if I decided that today was going to be a good day regardless of the circumstances. It is up to me to determine what kind of day this will be, not the events of the day. Otherwise, I am at the mercy of whatever comes my way.
What I decide about what kind of day this is going to be, is one thing in my life that I can control. I get to decide how this day will be lived, not the person who gossips about me, not the traffic, not the long lines at the grocery store, nor the kid’s behavior.

No external assault can determine my internal state of mind.

For today, I have decided to be aware of the things in my life that I allow as negative thinking. Join me, will you? Look outside. Just as the sun has a purpose, just as the rain has a purpose, we have a divine purpose and appointment to bring light into a dark world.

I have decided that today will be a blessed day!


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