The Gift Of Awe

The Gift Of Awe

Blessed are those who in the quietness of nature, hear Gods voice, see His transforming power and smell the fragrance of His presence.

The Father of lights has dressed and visited the intricacies of nature in colors and sounds that speak of His undying love.

For those who pause long enough to see their order and form, or hear the humming of their wings, and listen to the noble geese declare their way across the miles in migrations flight; there is awe.

For the soothing sounds of the tumbling brook on its joyous journey to the sea, there is awe and comfort.


For the mosaic colors swaying in the cool breeze from the hilltop; as wildflowers wave to those transfixed with its beauty.  There is awe. 

For the jeweled dance of twinkling lights in the midnight sky, there is awe and a great silence.
And yet, all creation shouts in a clear voice to hearts open to its call.

If we focus on life’s grand potential woven into the fabric of all of God’s handiwork, then we instinctively recognize the glorious possibilities that lay before us rather than the limitations that bring about a stagnate disillusionment.

How powerful is a moment that is met with purpose!

Determine to pause for that powerful moment each day, to look, to listen, and breath in the sweet fragrance that this life still affords us.

Relish the gift of awe!

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