The Attitude Of Gratitude

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Our attitude toward life brings blessings or discouragement to those around us. May yours be the attitude of gratitude.

Open my eyes Lord to see.

For as long as I can see…
I choose to behold the mighty mountain’s crest,
the stalwart evergreen, the innocent face of a child. 
I will watch the galaxy’s children in their ordained course across the sky.
I will observe nature’s obedience to the voice of God.
…And I will grow.

Open I ears Lord to hear.

For as long as I can hear…
I choose the contented harmonies of joyful exaltation
as each bird greets the day’s new beginning.
I strain to catch the strumming of poplar leaves
as the wind moves and undulates its way unseen.
And in the twilight, I shan’t miss the cricket’s call to rest.
…And I will sleep.

Make me sensitive oh Lord, to the touch of your creation.

For as long as I can touch…

I will choose to hold the hand of a friend in times of grief and sorrow,
snuggle with a newborn pup, and pick a clover with four leaves.
I’ll seek the cooling of river water rushing over me on a hot day,
and stand in the pouring rain without an umbrella.
I’ll feel crisp, clean sheets, and the warmth of a winter coat.
…For I am blessed.

For all these and many more wonders of God’s choosing, I will be most grateful.

 psalms 9:1

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Skylar Elshaug
5 years ago

This is going to reach around the world. I have a lot of relatives to share with.

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