A Friend

A Friend

There is no greater pleasure than when listening to the heart of a friend.


If you have a friend, you are blessed. If you have several friends, you are blessed that many times more. But rare is the friend that you can share yourself with, the kind you can cry with, rejoice with, pour your souls out to each other without fear of it traveling to another. And even if that rare someone may not agree with you because they have another point of view, then you have someone you never want to let go. A true friend is a friend who doesn’t require you or themselves always to agree.

This kind of friend is like a prized flowering Orchid; delicate, and graceful in beauty and strength. Blessed indeed is the one whose heart with yours is knit together.

Having such a precious commodity is worth taking time to let them know they are special to you. In some heartfelt way tell them before this week passes that your life is greatly blessed because they have become a part of who you are and a comfort in the storm. Hold them close.


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