To Know

To Know

Because we are curious by nature, one of the first words we learn as a child is why. You must never play in the street-why? Share your toy with your brother, Sally-why?

We learned as we grew the answers to these questions, but when do we stop asking why to questions beyond our present understanding? As children of God, we continue to pelt Him with questions we have to trust Him to bring to light or never to understand in this life.

We want answers to every unknown as if we have the right to know. Even if the answer brings about a knowing, we don’t wish to see if we knew the answer. (Yeah, I had to read it a couple of times as well.)

Wouldn’t the better pursuit be to focus on knowing Jesus rather than on things we don’t understand? If our focus is on Jesus, we learn to trust His loving care regardless of how it looks, sounds, or feels.

Our children don’t always know what’s best for them. Why are we so sure we know what’s best for us?
We are distracted from what is necessary for our future by chasing the desire to know everything.

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